- Are you disappointed with your purchase?
Learn how to cancel your purchase and get your money back.
If you recently made a purchase in the game that did not suit you, and you want to get a refund, then this page will help you with this. At this page below you will find all the information on what and when to receieve a refund, as well as how to start the refund process.

- What types of products can I receive a refund for?
In general, our refund policy applies to the game, but while it is in OBT mode (Open Beta Testing), it is free to play and if you make a replenishment of your account as part of the project support, then you will receive Item Mall Points (Imps) (50 imps = $ 1, with the exception of promotions for replenishment and the referral system, all this is displayed in your history of replenishment), which are spent on improving the game and ensuring it's stability! The exceptions of refund are: skins, amplifiers, pets, and other consumables!

- It is possible to refund the imps that you did not spend yet.
Provided that imps were not used, changed or transferred to other users.
For this, there is a history of changes to your account - https://talesofpirates.net/finance

- For several purchases, you can issue a refund yourself.
To do this please send us an e-mail, describe the situation and wait for your refund.
Mail - [email protected]

- When can I get a refund for purchases?
You can return the cost of the game and the replenishment of the account within 14 days from the date of payment. There are no refunds for virtual currency, skins and other consumable products, or products and games designated as non-refundable.
You will not be eligible for a refund for games in which you have been banned or violated the Terms of Use. In addition, you will be ineligible for a refund if our team determines that you are abusing our refund policy.

- How do I get my refund?
By default your funds will be refunded using the same payment method that you used to make the purchase.
However, this is not always possible and will depend on the chosen payment method.
Previously, we can agree with you on an alternative method of return by communicating us through support system.
Please note that the time it takes to process a refund depends on your payment method.

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Special designations
— "IMP", "IMPs", "IM Points" - Stands for Item Mall Points currency which are used to buy game items in the Item Mall or to trade between players in the game