Bone Catalyst
  • Recovery Type
  • $10

For use during Analyzation to analyze bone related items. Obtainable from Item Mall

Tradable Droppable Deletable Stackable x99

Sharp Thorn $16 A sharp thorn, not deadly but causes a very painful injury
Flowery Snail Shell $4
Scorpion Carapace $7
Green Scale $7
Broken Horn $2 A horn chipped during battle
Bone Fragment $14 Small piece of bone
Broken Antler $12
Grass Tortoise Shell $12
Dark Tortoise Bones $16
Animal Sharp Horn $22 Just a normal animal horn.
Short Goat Horn $19
Hard Shell $36 How can I break this hard shell?
Trumpet Shell $13
Rigid Scorpion Carapace $19
Poisoned Thorn $34 A poisonous thorn that irritates the skin when pricked
Black Scale $21
Blue Conch $15
Small Conch Fragment $21
Well-Formed Antler $15
Animal Horn $100 Animal horns that regrow quickly when lost
Fish Bone $30 A piece of fish bone that still have the toothmark of an unknown person
Tooth $8 A small animal tooth
Wolf Claw $76 Claws of the wolf that symbolize valor
Wolf Fang $18
Flowery Conch $20
Great Conch Fragment $28
Razor Sharp Beak $21
Gigantic Antler $23
Pointed Goat Horn $36
Crab Carapace $25
Slightly Poisonous Thorn $25
Golden Conch Shell $600
Antler $42 A nutritious item that is highly sought after
Bat Fangs $38 Teeth of the snowbats. Rumored to be a reagent for witchcraft
Rigid Crab Carapace $26
Sharp Tooth $40 A lost tooth from a fearsome beast
Chilling Snail Shell $31
Canine Tooth $1,000 Dear wolfie will bite no more.
Razor Wolf Fang $33
Razor Wolf Claw $48
Snail Shell $10 You might hear the ocean if you listen to it
Blood Red Crab Carapace $1,000
Coarse Tortoise Shell $34
Owl Talon $50 Claw of an owl. As a weapon, it is sharp and strong
Hard Trumpet Shell $36
Small Tooth $37
Boar Spine $36
Mighty Wolf Claw $39
Gigantic Tortoise Shell $45
Low Grade Antler $41
Edgy Carapace $62
Huge Wolf Claw $62 Big and steady, they are able to support the weight of a big wolf
Snowy Trumpet Shell $44
Speckled Fish Scale $64
Well-Formed Tortoise Shell $67 A perfect shell that valuable and able to fetch a decent market price
Razor Tooth $1,000 A sharp tooth that cuts skin easily
Steel Pig Tooth $49
Razor Sharp Tusk $69 Tusks from boars. An ingredient used in many witchcraft
Bone $44 Remains of a skeleton
Tusk $44 Freshly plucked!
Yeti Nail $74 Nails of Yeti. Looks sharp and can be used as a weapon
Vampiric Fangs $74
Slippery Scale $50
Black Scale $50
Skeleton of Sorrow Warrior $500 Carcass of undead
Sharp Beak $88 A very sharp beak of the snowy owl
Sorrow Archer Carcass $500 Carcass of undead
Swift Wolf Claw $79 Paw of the grassland wolf.
Wailing Warrior Carcass $500 Carcass of undead
Wailing Archer Carcass $500 Carcass of undead
Mole Claw $46 Claw of the mole which they use to burrow hard rocks
Cumbersome Carapace $57
Twinkling Merman Scale $126
Skeletal Ribs $86
Blunt Nail $60
Heated Tortoise Shell $88 Rumored to be very effective in curing wounds
Mangled Sheep Horn $60
Dangerous Sharp Claw $60
Elite Wailing Warrior Carcass $600 Carcass of undead
Deadly Poisonous Stinger $61
Solid Tortoise Shell $61
Great Bear Tooth $91
Multi Edge Tortoise Shell $102 Shell of the longest life span animal in the world
Fish Bone $91
Fish Spike $136
Spikey Spike $63
Wailing Marksman Carcass $600 Carcass of undead
Sharp Horn $10,000 A sharp horn used to engrave tough trees
Cursed Mummy Carcass $650 Carcass of mummies
Rotten Fish Scale $65
Big Tail Scale $144
Conch $64 Colorful sea shell that people love to collect
Giant Wolf Fang $42
Evil Scale $66
Sharp Claw $38 A sharp claw that cuts anything, everything
Crazy Mummy Carcass $650 Carcass of mummies
Long Stramonium Spike $100
Shark Tooth $100
Broken Strange Bone $103
Steel Snail Shell $71
Steel Feeler $105
Carapace Fragment $4 A piece of broken shell
Massive Speckled Fish Scale $73
Sparkling Fin $162
Ruptured Rib $112
Frozen Bone Fragment $76
Razor Bear Tooth $117
Defiled Merman Scale $117
Chipped Werewolf Iron Claw $81
Boar Tusk $10,000 A sharp piece of tooth that can pierce through a horse
Intact Merman Scale $120
Tortoise Shell Fragment $42 A healthy ingredient for tasty soup
Bloodied Wolf Fang $82
Shark Cartilage $140
Huge Shark Sawtooth $82
Shadow Merman Scale $122
White Shark Cartilage $142
White Shark Tooth $84
Mummy Nail $127
Razor Sharp Shark Tooth $85
Black Shark Cartilage $146
Hugh Lizard Tooth $90
Great Shark Tooth $85
Large Fish Cartilage $146
Mysterious Bone $134
Keen Shark Tooth $90
Dangerous Shark Cartilage $154
Complete Rib $139
Skeleton Bone Fragment $141
Long Fish Bone $141
Spikey Fish Bone Rack $162
Fascia Fish Bone $95
Dark Skeleton $97
Scorpion Shell $100,000 A key ingredient in antidotes
Strong Fish Rack $165
Thick Fish Bone $97
Hard Tortoise Shell $64 Can be used as a snowboard
Thick Fish Bone $144
Rotten Small Fish Bone $146
Rotten Fish Bone $98
Rotten Bone Rack $167
Long Crab Shell $148
Cursed Carcass $151
Chimera Horn $103
Scorpion Claw $153
Piece of Icy Dragon Bone $200
Werewolf Iron Claw $105
Razor Sharp Fish Bone $156
Huge Fish Bone $105
Dragon Scale $266 Part of a dragon's protective hide
Shining Fish Bone Rack $179
Mysterious Bone $158
Glimmering Scale $160
Blue Ray Scale $163
Tooth of Fox Immortal $30
Gigantic Wolf Fang $100,000 Material for manufacturing
Pirate's Bone $100 Bones of dead pirates
Bone of Mummy $90 Bone of mummies in Abaddon
Dark Bloody Carcass $114
Strong Ray Scale $170
Ancient Scale $172
Gigantic Werewolf Iron Claw $119
Chimera Claw $150
Frozen Dragon Scale $200
Wicked Scale $182
Shadowy Scale $182
Ancient Glimmering Scale $184
Bloodied Carcass $125
Ancient Blue Scale $187
Anubis Teeth $189
Vampire Tooth $500,000 Tooth of vampire bat that they use to suck the blood out of their prey
Robot Wheel $200
Sharp Bone $76 A sharp piece of bone used to cut animal hide
Bloody Wolf Tooth $500,000 Tooth drop by the wolf after a fierce battle
Crystal Conch $234 Expensive cone shaped crystal
Magical Bone $106 A bone with magical powers
Cheetah Tooth $238 Sharp tooth
Tooth of Death $500 Obtained required item for Lv 75 Boss equipment
Boar Tusk $10,000 A sharp piece of tooth that can pierce through a horse
Royal Turtle Shell $270 Enormous turtle shell
Leftovers $258 Half-eaten fish bone. Good for health
Crystal Rib $300 The carving... is in excellent condition
Angel of Dreams $320 Peeped dream. Impressive.
Sharp Horn $10,000 A sharp horn used to engrave tough trees
Short Snail Feeler $84 Feeler of a snail
Scorpion Shell $100,000 A key ingredient in antidotes